New Adjustable Roof Tile Clips

The team at Global Roofing Technologies has been developing the Zip Clip for over 2 years.

After requests from leading roof tile manufactures that they were seeking a clip to replace the current metal clip which was failing over years due to rusting & metal fatigue resulting in damaged roofs.

The wish list was to have a clip which would not rust, 1 clip to fit all tile profiles & also comply to a C3 cyclone rating all of which the current clip does not achieve.

Having a background in plastics we had no hesitation in developing the concept in plastic, finding a suitable plastic polymer to have similar strength to metal was never going to be an easy task but first we had to design a product with all the required benefits.

After many hours spent with an industrial designer & computer generated samples we finally settled on a concept of which we believed would work.

Now that we had the concept in place we could finally start experimenting with different plastic polymers, after finally finding a suitable plastic it was then obvious that we needed additional changes to the clip to withstand the rigors of high & cyclonic winds, after completing these changes we were able to move to the next step.

Our last step was to have our clip tested for a C3 rating; we chose the CSIRO to conduct this test & were delighted to achieve this certification thus achieving the final step in the wish list of the roof tiler manufactures.

Our Zip Clip is now ready to purchase & already roof tilers are recognizing the benefits of the Zip Clip & installing them in high wind regions.


Position clip at 10% angle away from tile edge


Hammer nail into batten


Swivel clip into position over tile & press firmly down into water course of tile