21 Mar 2016

Oral dosing syringes are disposable plastic syringes manufactured by industrial companies serving the medical and veterinary sector. Perhaps the most typical types of oral dosing syringes are those that come with nozzles and caps which have been optimised for the precision dosing and placement of gels, liquids and pastes. The standard colour of these syringes is clear and they also come in the colour white. There are manufacturers who can customise your syringes to your specific preferences in style and colour or even add your logo in them.

Another thing that manufacturers can customise is the style of the nozzles and the caps, which can be built to your specifications for whatever application you have in mind for them. In general, these syringes offer the convenience of a single dose options. Users can enjoy the controlled release of gels, pastes, and crèmes, for precision placement. They have a choice from a variety of nozzles that have been moulded in place. The syringes come with sealed tip caps with self venting, zero draft barrels.

The typical materials used for making these plastic syringes include polypropylene or HDPE and can come in clear, white, and custom colours. Decorations, labelling, and calibrations on the syringes can be customised as well. The integrally moulded disposable plastic syringes can be constructed with one-piece plungers or a two-part sealed design to better support the dispensing of the medicine. These syringes can come in 6, 15, 32, 36, 60, 80, and 100cc styles.

These plastic disposable syringes find application in a lot of things. They are very much in use in the veterinary pharmaceuticals sector as a drug or food delivery device for all types of animals, large and small. Syringes are used for the intramammary, rectal, and oral administration of animal medication. These syringes are likewise used with adhesives, caulks, sealants, greases, inks, lubricants, additives, colorants, abrasives, and catalysts. Regular consumers use syringes with do-it-yourself sealants, flavouring, adhesives, marinades, and lubricants. They are also used in the testing, dispensing, and packaging of toxic substances.

In human health, these plastic disposable syringes are used as medication dispensers for paediatric, oral, geriatric, and for feminine care. They also find application in disposing pesticides and insecticides in the packaging and controlled dispensing of chemicals.

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